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“I know I need work done, I just can’t afford it”

This is a huge reason patients don’t get the treatment they need and deserve. Many of our patients are on financial plans. If you have extensive decay, don't wait. It's bacteria and grows like mold on bread - you look at it the next day and it has spread! We have found CareCredit® to be the most forgiving in the credit score department. Patients also use their HSA (Health Saving Account) to pay with pre-tax dollars. And for patients who don’t qualify for financing, we provide a Personal Treatment Account that they contribute to whenever they want, how much they want. When their account is built up, they come in to receive their work.

Our Commitment To You

We never want finances to be the reason you don’t get dental work done. We will work with you to determine your best financial options and work with your insurance provider. Most people think that if they don’t have dental insurance they can’t restore their smile. Thankfully, there are many different financing options available to help everyone invest in the smile of their dreams.


We are pleased to accept CareCredit® to help our patients finance their dental treatments. CareCredit® is a healthcare credit card that allows patients to pay for services that may not be covered by insurance. It provides special financing options with convenient monthly payments to help you get the treatment you need that is within your budget. We have found CareCredit® be the most forgiving in the credit score department. 


Lending Club

We are also partners of Lending Club, where you can qualify for personal loans to cover your treatment.



A Health Savings Account is another great way to pay for your dental work. Because HSAs are tax-exempt accounts used to offset the cost of healthcare, every penny you put into these accounts can pay for eligible dental expenses, tax-free. And since some dental-related expenses are not covered by insurance, you can save money by using your HSA or FSA to cover those costs.


Personal Treatment Account

For patients who don’t qualify for other financing, we provide a Personal Treatment Account that you can contribute to whenever you want, however much you want. Once your account reaches its goal, you can begin receiving the treatment you need and deserve. A lot of patients set up a debit contribution bi-monthly or monthly with an amount they are comfortable with. We always text or email you prior to a withdrawal. If a situation arises and you can’t contribute, let our team know and we will contact you the following month.


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